Hardline Privacy Policy

Hardline provides end-to-end encryption for messages and voice calls placed from one Hardline app to another. East37 cannot decrypt or otherwise access the content of these messages or calls.

Hardline also provides the ability to call non-Hardline devices and phone numbers. In these cases the call is only encrypted between the Hardline app and East37’s servers and then passed along to third-party services. East37 does not monitor, record, or store this content. However, users should be aware that external cellular and telephony providers are not subject to this privacy policy and may not provide the same type of call security as East37.

What Personal Information is Collected?

A limited amount of personal information may be collected for billing purposes. A subset of this information is only shared with other users of the system with express permission and for the purpose of allowing users to collaborate, send messages to each other, and place voice calls.

The Hardline app accesses personal information on a mobile device, such as the camera, photo roll, location, and the microphone, for the purpose of sending messages and placing voice calls. This information is encrypted using randomly generated keys and can only be decrypted by the recipient of the message or call. East37 does not store this content in an unencrypted form and does not have the ability to decrypt the content.

East37 stores message metadata for the purpose of message delivery. East37 also stores the encrypted content of messages for retrieval by apps.

East37 receives voice call metadata for the purpose of setting up and connecting calls. It stores limited metadata about voice calls for the purpose of billing and diagnostics.

How is Information Protected?

Information sent between the Hardline app and East37’s servers is encrypted using TLS. The content of messages and app-to-app calls is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. The content of app-to-non-Hardline calls is protected using AES-128 encryption between the app and East37’s servers.

East37 maintains secure servers and implements a variety of security measures to ensure the safety of all personal data.

What information is Disclosed to Outside Parties?

East 37 does not share any information with external companies, organizations, or individuals unless one of the following circumstances apply:

  • If the user chooses to place a call that requires the use of a third-party service, information about that call is disclosed to the third-party for the purpose of setting up and connecting the call. Further, the content of the call is exposed to the third-party and may be used by that entity in accordance with their own privacy policy.
  • If an account is part of a group subscription, information about that account's activity may be shared with the subscription purchaser for billing and auditing purposes.
  • A user explicitly requests his or her information be shared and provides consent.
  • East37 is legally required to disclose certain information.

How Can You Access Your Information?

You can access your personal information by contacting East37 at privacy@east37.net.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be updated as needed to ensure it is current, accurate, and as clear as possible. Any updates will be posted to this page and made available through the apps.

Contacting Us

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us by email at privacy@east37.net.


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